What Is SERPs Autopilot and Why We Are Different?

No Sales People – No Contracts – No Bs

If you want to make the most out of SEO, with a mind of growing your online business, you will need a personalized plan. Luckily, we are here to deliver. For eight years, we’ve created customized search engine optimization for entrepreneurs all over the globe. Our SERPs Autopilot system is designed to offer online marketers, business owners and SEO companies the search engine optimization solutions that they really need. It’s all about getting your company on the first page of search engine results! When you choose us today, you won’t need to fret about SEO anymore. You’ll find that we offer you superior strategies which give you the power to grow your company, without the usual stress and toil.

We Focus on What Matters

SEO is always changing and some companies and entrepreneurs find it hard to keep up with the demands of a shifting SEO landscape. 99% of SEO companies are stuck in 2010, they have outdated SEO and link building strategies that don’t work. Most of them only sell content writing services by calling it content marketing.

When you select SERPs Autopilot, you’ll access the perfect analytic tools and top-notch WORKING SEO strategies with manual link building services. Your website will begin to show up where it’s supposed to, which means that customers who want to purchase what you sell will be able to find you effortlessly.

Since we automate so much of the SEO process, we offer our clients ease and convenience which is hard to match! This means that you’ll have more free time for taking care of other tasks which are related to running your online business! As you probably already know, creating a brand online requires plenty of energy and focus and tasks of this type tend to eat up a lot of time. If you’d prefer to think about sales, execution and growing your company, you’ll find that investing in SERPs Autopilot makes good sense. We’ve designed our system with you in mind and it’s all about giving you the SEO results that you want and need, without the usual time and energy outlay. As well, our service is just cost-effective and this is why we are growing in popularity each and every day.

Most smart and savvy entrepreneurs understand the value of effective search engine optimization. Anyone who maintains an online presence for business purposes should definitely give careful thought to creating a cohesive and sensible SEO strategy. While SEO strategies will vary, the best search engine optimization strategies will typically utilize SEO tools, such as optimizing for local SEO and utilizing SEO analysis tools (along with other relevant methods) in order to boost Google rankings. This type of multi-prong approach to optimizing for SEO will give your business vital exposure to a worldwide pool of prospective and returning customers.

SEO (when properly implemented) works because it makes it easier for customers to find businesses through Google-based Web searches. Without the strong search engine rankings that proper SEO strategies generate, businesses may get lost in the shuffle and thereby relinquish market share to higher-ranking competitors.

It’s just easier for people to click on companies that appear in the first page of Google search engine results and the truth is that most people don’t even bother checking other pages. With this in mind, entrepreneurs do all that they can to get their companies on the first pages for their preferred keywords. You should, too!

Custom Reporting

Customized dashboard with daily reports so you can track our progress.

Proven Strategies

Latest SEO strategies that provide long-lasting results in the timely manner.

Guaranteed Rankings

We guarantee we'll improve your rankings or your money back.

Fast Results

Most of our customers see ranking improvements within the first 30-45 days.

Search Engine Rankings Without Any Work? What The ....?

Yes, that's correct. Our SEO process is easy. With over 8 years of experience creating personalized SEO plans for hundreds of clients across the world SERPs Autopilot was launched in order to provide an innovative SEO solution for marketers, business owners and SEO agencies. SERPs Autopilot streamlines the SEO experience providing the results that other companies could promise, but never deliver. SERPSAutoPilot is a revolutionary SEO software program which provides exceptional features within a simple-to-utilize interface. We are all about offering the ultimate in SEO automation to businesses and SEO agencies. We handle everything, from keyword tracking to link building.

Set Up

Pick a package, enter your website and targeted keywords. Not sure about the keywords? No problem, let us handle the keyword research for you


We perform an in-depth research and SEO audit. Then we develop and implement custom SEO and Link Building strategy to get you to the top10


We track how your website reacts to our work by monitoring your keyword rankings on the daily basis.


We provide you access to our custom reports, so you can see how your website performs within the search engines.


The Beauty of SERPs Autopilot

When you choose SERPs Autopilot, you’ll gain access to an incredible SEO manager tool which makes website optimization and search engine marketing faster and simpler than ever before … and it’s more affordable than the vast majority of SEO outsourcing and SEO tools.

In particular, it’s an awesome choice for small business SEO. In fact, it provides every feature that small business entrepreneurs really need, including custom SEO reporting and a live rankings dashboard. Just choose the package and your preferred keywords and let us work the magic!

You’ll be able to monitor your website keyword rankings so you can see exactly how our SEO strategies perform! In addition, you’ll receive access to custom reports for an array of search engines (not just Google!).

eCommerce SEO will be streamlined and effective when you have the power of SERPSAutoPilot at your fingertips. You’ll access tons of brilliant tools like backlinks monitoring, SEO checklist, SEO Audit Tool and a lot more. SERPs Autopilot has all of the bells and whistles, from Google Analytics Integration to Social Tracking to a Backlinks Monitor and beyond!

The link building strategies that we utilize are tested over and over again. We also update them when necessary in order to keep them adherent with the most current Google algorithm updates. We use High PR websites and content marketing to generate backlinks to provide you with the best ranking results.

User Dashboard - You'll gain access to the perfect dashboard to track the progress.

Keyword Tracker - Ckeck local and global keywords rankings of your SEO campaign, updated daily.

Web & Social Analytics - Monitor and track engagement, Connect directly to Google Analytics and more.

Custom Link Building Services


Our Testimonials

Fitness Coach

I've done my fair share of seo efforts but could never get my domain anywhere near the first few pages of search results. SERPSAutopilot was very kind and helped me with the decision process as well as a few tweaks to turn google into my friend. SERPSAutopilot took the stress of seo off my hands and got me to the second place on a highly competetive keyword. Placing my own private business ahead of recognized brands! I am very greatful and will continue to use their superb service, you will be a fool not to do the same.

Internet Marketer

Most people don't believe a five star review or think it originated most likely by the friends or family of the business being reviewed, but I give a five star review to SERPSAutopilot for SEO services without reservation or hesitation. The reason is simple: results. SERPSAutopilot is the fourth small business SEO firm I've used over the course of five years. The others provided mixed results and one was even a con artist, IMO. SERPSAutopilot staff have proven over a variety of circumstances that not only do their high-powered backlink combos work but they are safe and applied in such a nuanced and careful manner as to comport with Google's potentially bad temper

Chrissy Ann
Internet Marketer

Their work is excellent. They made sure to understand what I wanted and they over delivered on all their promises. Completely honest company who cares about their work. This is someone you can trust. Of all the companies I would use SERPSAutopilot over anyone else.

Jimmy M.
Business Owner

These folks are on top of their game. They quickly adjust to the fluid changes of Google before most even realize.

Professional SEO Services at Affordable Prices

If you want the right SEO strategy, but you don’t want to learn the ropes yourself, you’ll find that SERPs Autopilot is a truly cost-effective way to generate better rankings and the higher numbers of website visitors that higher rankings tend to bring! So, why not invest in the affordable SERPSAutoPilot program today? It’s the secret of online business success!

  • Personal

  • $299

    Per Month
  • Perfect for Small Businesses looking to target local customers.

    1 URL / Website

    Max. Keywords Allowed: 15

    No Contracts, Cancel Any Time

  • Professional

  • $499

    Per Month
  • Ideal for Small Businesses and Affiliate Marketers with a limited budget.

    1 URL / Website

    Max. Keywords Allowed: 30

    No Contracts, Cancel Any Time

  • Enterprise

  • $699

    Per Month
  • Ideal for Ecommerce and Big Companies looking for massive search exposure.

    1 URL / Website

    Max. Keywords Allowed: 50

    No Contracts, Cancel Any Time

  • Custom

  • $Quote

    Per Month
  • Need a Bigger Plan?

    Have more then 1 website? No Problem.

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Sign up for SERPs Autopilot today and let us handle the tedious SEO work.

What is SEO?

In terms of defining SEO, it’s all about increasing traffic to a website via methods which will ensure that a website ranks highly in search engine results. Under the main umbrella of SEO, there are a couple of subcategories. One is “white hat search engine optimization”, which is all about ethical SEO practices which are performed in accordance with Google’s most current Terms of Service and algorithm updates.

The other type is “black hat search engine optimization”. This is a shadier way to get stronger search engine rankings, via tactics which are frowned upon by Google’s powers-that-be. We’re not going to focus on black hat methods here, because they are simply too risky. It’s possible to get banned or get penalties by breaking the rules.

Google has really toughened up the rules and it’s now harder to get benefits from donning a black hat. Therefore, wearing a white hat is definitely the smartest way to go.

White hat techniques which are used in order to get companies on the first page of Google results, or as close to the first page as possible, include optimization of website pages, link-building, website design which is customized in order to be “search engine-friendly” and content which is also “search engine-friendly”.

When businesses need to appeal to local clientèle, local SEO should also go into the mix. This is a specialized form of SEO which is designed to garner better local search engine rankings. Lots of people search for local businesses online these days (estimates indicate that at least 50 percent of people search locally in Google). Local SEO is now more important than ever before.

Why SEO is Important?

As you can see, the overall purpose of SEO is quite simple to grasp. Without great SEO, it’s hard to gain traction online by virtue of attracting Web traffic and this is why SEO is so important. Without sufficient traffic to a website, getting conversions which will help your business to survive and thrive will be a challenge. Some entrepreneurs learn how to master SEO processes on their own, while others prefer to outsource.

The important thing is to recognize the role that SEO will play in the success or failure of your company. This means paying attention to SEO, whether you take a DIY approach or outsource.

Ignoring SEO is always a bad idea.

There is a way to do DIY (do it yourself) SEO without employing a company. This third option is probably the most practical and cost-effective of all! By purchasing the SERPSAutoPilot program, you’ll access the very latest in SEO automation.

If you want affordable SEO which is automated and right on the cutting-edge, you should discover the power and potential of SERPSAutoPilot. Choosing this exciting program will help you to automate SEO without needing to spend a bundle on outsourcing. You’ll have complete control over your SEO strategy and you’ll also find that taking care of SEO is super-fast and ultra-simple!

SERPs Autopilot will work for anyone and it’s very user-friendly and intuitive. It’s all about getting more from SEO, while spending less time and less money. It’s the secret of scoring impressive results from local and global searches and it’s the secret of building a strong brand which has the power to grow.

If you want more Web traffic and more sales, SERPSAutoPilot is the SEO services program that you’ve been waiting for … and it’s available for an affordable price today!

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